Post Frame Pole Barn building design construction Rochester Auburn Syracuse NYAre you considering adding a post frame building for extra storage for your tractor, RV, or other vehicles? It will interest you to know that you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Pole barns are reasonably inexpensive to build and if you are looking to save money here are three tricks to keep in mind before you start the building process that will help.


Optimizing the columns’ spacing is a great way to save money. By placing the columns further apart you will use fewer materials to build your pole barn. This can be done without sacrificing the structure integrality. When you can use less material you will lower your cost in the end.

Do Not Go Overboard on Aesthetics

When you build a pole barn it can be exciting as you can pick all the aesthetic features you want to have in it. If you are looking to cut costs try not to go overboard with aesthetics. The more features you add to your building the higher the cost will run you. Even with cutting back some, you will still have a great looking pole barn.

Install Wainscot

Pole barn builders will tell you that a common feature that is often installed as a wainscot. It will add to the cost of your building but it will save you money down the road. Wainscot is a sheet of metal that is installed on the lower section of your building. This gives your structure an added layer of protection.

Build With Professionals

Building with Secor post frame design services is not only smart it can save you money. They will listen to your needs and your budget. They can plan out the materials you need helping you stay on budget. They can even help you determine the best features you may want and recommend other options for your new pole barn.