How Long do Post-Frame Buildings Last in Central New York?

When we’re consulting with builders and property owners on post frame (pole barn) building design and construction, probably one of the questions that we hear most often is “How long will my pole barn last?”  And to be honest, this is an extremely reasonable question.  After all, if we’re building a church, a farm building, or an auto shop in Lyons or Clyde or Penn Yan, or maybe up along Route 104, we want to make sure that our investment is going to hold its resale value and serve us and our heirs for decades to come. So let’s consider how long we can expect a post frame building or bardominium to last.

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Post-Frame Building: Barndominium Lifespan

So let’s consider the most important thing first.  Pole barns last, on average, between 40-60 years. But keep in mind that these are averages.  Sixty years ago, the pole barn building technology was nowhere near what it is today – either in terms of building materials or construction technology.  So let’s take a look at why a custom post-frame building (pole barn) or in the context of this article, a barndominium, designed by Secor Building Solutions may in all liklihood outlast those average numbers and what the building owner can do to help that happen.

New York Pole Barn Kit Engineering

Post-frame building design and construction derive their names from the fact that “posts” are used as the central component in their load bearing walls. By contrast, stick-frame buildings (which constitute the vast majority of new homes built over the last 100 or so years in the Rochester, Syracuse and Central New York area) don’t generally rely on interior load bearing walls. Rather, trusses transfer the building’s structural load to the outer walls and from there to the building’s foundation or ultimately to the ground.  The obvious advantage is that you don’t need interior walls at all unless your design calls for them in terms of the building’s actual ultimate function.

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Post frame buildings and pole barns have, therefore, fewer thermal breaks, which makes it easier to insulate and provide protection from the harsh elements of Upstate New York summers and winters. Post frame construction is also quicker and therefore less labor intensive as well.  But the overall advantages of post frame construction in Central New York and the Finger Lakes doesn’t stop there. Post frame buildings are extremely durable!

Basements or Slabs?

One of the main design concepts of post frame construction is that there is no provision for a traditional basement. Instead, pole barns can be constructed in a variety of environments, either on bare ground or a concrete slab. Because many post frame projects use a concrete slab, we are especially careful to specify careful site preparation thereby lowering the changes of erosion that, over time, can undermine the structure and make it unstable.

Embedded Posts

Historically, the “poles” used in building a traditional pole barn were actually telephone poles that had been repurposed. They were extremely durable when used as telephone poles, but they really aren’t the thing you would want to use to build a home with. That is why modern post frame construction “posts” are engineers as cross-laminated columns and are more often than not planted on top of concreate, precast bases, thereby improving stability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.

Ensuring Your Pole Barn or Barndominium Lasts

Our post frame building designs offer excellent durability. The average pole barn lifespan numbers above are based, in part, on building methods used over the past 60 or so years. Because we are utilizing newer building technologies and construction materials, as well as modern site preparation methods, standard pole barn building maintenance guidelines and reasonable care are generally sufficient to ensure the longevity of your pole barn or barndominium.

Why Choose Secor Post Frame Building Solutions?

One of the best things about a post frame building is the fact that it can take on virtually any form. But regardless of its size, shape, or building type, durability is the name of the game.  And durability is a direct function of engineering design, careful selection of appropriate, quality building materials, and construction by experienced, knowledgeable post frame building contractors.

pole barn is the fact that it can take so many different forms. But no matter its shape and size, its durability matters too. That relies on careful design, top-notch materials, and advanced construction by an experienced post-frame building contractor. So if you are contemplating a post frame construction project in your future, we encourage you to consider the post frame building design expertise of Secor Building Solutions.  We’ve been serving the Upstate New York Finger Lakes Region from Syracuse to Rochester and beyond for over 80 years, and have deep experience and expertise in all things Post Frame.