You have decided to build a new building. This is a big step and at Secor, we would like to help guide you through the process so your new building will be perfect for your needs. We are one of the top suppliers for metal and steel post-frame buildings in Upstate & Western New York. We know how important the details are and that includes choosing the perfect color.

There are three factors to take into consideration so your building will stand out.

post frame pole barn building design rochester syracuse nyThink Big 

You can always go with the more traditional colors that you see in many of the metal or steel buildings around New York which are red and white. If you want traditional or to go with something different there is no wrong choice. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with and your budget. It is your building and if you want it to reflect you’re personality you can construct it any way you wish, and for whatever purpose you choose. Whether it is a residential hobby building or a working agricultural structure, post frame construction is ideally suited for Rochester, Syracuse, and Upstate New York pole barn applications.

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You can even blend multiple colors in your post-frame building. You could have a lighter color for the roof and a darker color for the walls. When you add different colors you create a building that demands attention.

Know Your Surroundings 

If your new pole barn construction project will be close to your home then you may want to consider using colors on your building that will compliment your home. Keeping the same color scheme for both structures makes them have a uniform feel but they don’t stand out over each other. It is also worth considering other elements within visual range of your new pole barn, including adjacent property lines, access roads or driveways, and residential or agricultural ponds, streams, or lakes.

If you have a wooded area near where your building will be, then take into consideration what colors would look best knowing they may be trees in the background.

Consider Other Factors 

Outside of the roof and siding, there are other areas where you can add a splash of color like the gutters or trim. You certainly don’t want to keep it all the same color as that wouldn’t look good. You can also customize your windows and doors with colors that can give you a little color without overdoing it. There are so many different color options for post-frame building that you are sure to find the right combination to make your new structure unique and bold.

Pole Barn Building Construction

For over 80 years, we have worked with businesses throughout the Central New York and Finger Lakes Region – from agricultural and equestrian building construction to churches, dance studios, automotive tire repair shops, and more – to plan, design, and move forward with their pole barn construction projects. No matter what state of commercial pole barn building construction planning and development you may be in, we are here to help guide and work with you for the best possible outcome. Contact the Secor Pole Barn specialists today to get started.