Post Frame Construction Building Foundations: Perma-Column Systems

post frame pole barn construction foundation systems nyWhen it comes to Post Frame Construction Building Foundations, it’s hard to beat Perma-Column pole barn foundation systems. Perma-Column post frame foundation systems are precast concrete columns that allow for a permanent concrete foundation on your post frame building. Pressure treated wood posts in the ground are susceptible to rot and decay. Perma-Column foundation systems provide greater foundational integrity and strength, and last basically forever.

Whether you are constructing a farm building, commercial shop or warehouse, stables, or church, the foundational columns or posts are one of the most important elements in post-frame construction because they are the final point of transfer for most building stresses to the foundation. Perma-Column foundation systems are five-feet long precast concrete columns that keep wooden posts out of the ground. There are many advantages of building with a Perma-Column post frame building foundation system, beginning with your pole barn’s strength, durability and wind-load resistance.

post frame pole barn construction foundation systems New YorkWhy Perma-Columns vs. Solid-Sawn Lumber

  • Perma-Column, as it’s name suggests, is a permanent post frame building foundation construction system.
  • A permanent concrete solution suitable for a wide variety of building sites and ground conditions
  • Stronger performance than standard buried laminated columns with no fear of rot, decay, or environmental damage
  • Extraordinary longevity and strength with environmentally friendly design.

Perma-Columns are made from 10,000 psi pre-cast concrete rather than the standard 3,000 to 4,000 psi concrete generally used in building foundations. Additionally, microsilica is used to provide additional strength and erosion resistance, with corrosive inhibitors added to protect the rebar reinforcement from corrosion and rust.

The wood column is attached via a “U” shaped steel bracket which is welded to a steel reinforcement which extends the full length of the column. Perma-Columns are 100% made in the USA using high strength premium alloy steel, and are delivered directly to your jobsite.

There is no reason to worry about insect damage, rot or decay because no wood goes into the ground! Perma-Column foundations are set four feet below grade and backfilled to provide the best possible structural integrity and protection from damage caused by seasonal ground freezing and thawing.

With a perma-column post-frame building foundation, the system is far less expensive than a continuously poured foundation, while offering the performance and longevity associated with concrete foundations. Either pre-cast or poured on the jobsite, Perma-Column concrete footings provide a raised foundation for rugged upstate New York post-frame and pole barn contracto and builder projects. Columns, either solid-sawn or laminated are attached by means of an integrated, welded steel bracket above grade to the Perma-Column base, with no wood in the ground.

Perma-Column precast concrete columns provide steel reinforced brackets with integrated steel anchors with extraordinary bonding and outstanding resistance to uplift.

Perma-Column foundation systems are simple to install, with no waiting on concrete trucks, no treated wood in the ground, no more worries abut rot and decay.  For questions about orders, or help with your next post frame construction project, talk with a Secor building professional. With complete construction design and supply services for pole barn builders and contractors throughout the Upstate New York area, we’ve built a solid reputation for service for over 70 years.