Economics of Post Frame Construction

Today there is no question that post-frame construction for pole barns or other commercial and agricultural building is one of the most cost-effective, durable and versatile methods of construction that can last a lifetime. Another benefit you get is if you ever wish to make modifications, it is far easier to do with a pole barn that with other types of construction.

Post frame building construction provides highly efficient structures that offer substantial space with not a lot of materials which also relates to less labor than with other construction methods. The offer a durable structure that is economical comes with careful planning and execution. You never want to cut corners when it comes to quality construction. There are however several ways to save money while maintaining the structural integrity you want.

Post Frame Construction: Money Saving Ideas

To lower the cost of a pole barn, you can look in two categories. Some are immediate and provide saving upfront like reducing the cost of materials or labor. Other post frame building options save you money over time, which would including operating expenses or energy usage.

  • To save money on pre-construction, shop for reputable contractors and materials. Do plenty of research in your shopping around to ensure you make the right choice for the value you want.
  • In the designing phase, take into consideration the spacing of the vertical columns. Typical spacing with a pole barn is six to 10 feet. Column spacing is a function of load-bearing requirements that depend on several factors that include but are not limited to snowfall, attic loads, and more. The number of trusses that are required will depend on the number of vertical columns your structure will have. If analysis allows, wider the vertical spacing columns and trusses will save you money on materials and labor.
  • A buildup of condensation can cause premature deterioration of an uninsulated building. It can result in damage to equipment stored inside. By installing a commercial membrane that protects against moisture can protect what you keep side your building from dripping water caused by condensation.
  • To protect your barn from snow, mowing equipment or flying objects think about adding wainscoting to the lower sections of the exterior barn walls. If your barn does become dented, it is far easier to replace a section of the wainscoting than it is to replace an entire wall section.
  • Doors are something you what to consider carefully. Horizontal sliding doors are often less expensive than your garage style of door systems. Sliding doors today are engineered to be open and closed easily. The advantage you get with this style of door is that you can open them only as much as you need to get in our out thereby retaining more of the heat within.
  • When it comes to lighting, translucent panels under the eaves instead of extra windows should provide you with enough light during the day.

Talk to a Post Frame Building Professional

One last point when it comes to post frame buildings: you should plan ahead with the aesthetics of your building. Some features may cost more than others. You may find that changing your roofline in this phase or matching the paint system to your home are features that won’t add much most. There are things like adding a weather vane or cupola that can also add extra appeal.

If you want your post frame building to last, don’t rush and don’t compromise. If ever in doubt, consult with a reputable firm like us, that have a long background of satisfied clients.