Pole Barns in the City

Residential pole barns post frame CNY constructionPole barns (Post Frame buildings) are the ideal building construction option for adding a garage, outdoor storage, or workshop to your property. At Secor Lumber, we’ve got almost 80 years of experience with pole barns and post frame building construction design across Central New York and the Finger Lakes Region for everything from Equine and Agricultural buildings to commercial buildings, to residential pole barn buildings. And we can tell you from decades of personal experience that pole barns just can’t be beaten for good looks, durability, and design when you’ve got a need for that extra storage or workspace on your property.  And that goes for suburban and city property owners as well.

What Are the Possible uses for a Pole Barn?

Post Frame construction (pole barns) were originally developed primarily for farming and agricultural properties.  But today’s modern post-frame construction has become exceedingly popular among homeowners across CNY and the Finger Lakes region who need more functional storage space.  Pole barns can be used for virtually anything your imagination can dream of, including storage and workspaces for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, golf carts, personal gym and fitness, man cave, you name it.

More Than Just a Hobby?

Is your hobby taking over your garage? Pole barns offer the ideal way to economically add functional space for personal workshops. Serious hobbies such as classic cars, motorcycle workshops, model railroading, and carpentry (to name just a few) can use that extra space. And the economies of post-frame construction when compared to traditional stick-frame construction make pole barns extremely cost attractive. If your hobby is taking over your garage, a pole barn might just be the ticket to meet your needs.

DIY Pole Barns?

Many homeowners think a post-frame building could make for a great DIY project. But the average property owner doesn’t typically have access to the same resources as a professional builder. There is also the matter of code compliance and building permits.  By working with Secor Building Solutions, you have almost 80 years of expertise at your disposal, including compete pole barn building design services and the latest in up-to-date construction and industry developments in building technology and materials.

We can guide you through the complete design and budget process, help you choose the right materials for your pole barn project, and even help you find the perfect contractor to make your project a reality.